Feeling the peace, getting new energy, enjoying the mountains – that is what you can do in our small idyllic village Mareit!

Farm holiday

in the Ridnaun Valley​

A holiday in South Tyrol is very special. It is a small piece of land and yet if offers so much: the culinary highlights, the beautiful landscapes and the warm-hearted people. If your choice is to pass it on a farm, then you probably get the deepest insights into the country and its people. Life of the farmers forms the picture of South Tyrol: their history is as old as the country itself.

Our little farm, situated at the village border of Mareit, amidst the beautiful Ridnaun valley is one of the special places in South Tyrol, where traditions and the touch with nature are as important as culinary pleasures and the contact to the locals. We warmly welcome you to pass your South Tyrolian farm holiday on our farm – the Huberhof in Mareit.​

That is us


We are Hubert, Evelyn, Lena Sophie & Franziska

In 2009 we took over the farm from Evelyn’s father. It was clear to us that on our farm we want to offer farm holidays for tourists. In the year 2010 we built our new house with two apartments that we rent to our guests. Since then we have lived on the farm together with our animals – and our guests, of course. On your farm holiday in South Tyrol you can learn a lot about the work in the woods and in the field, as this is Hubert’s big passion. Another hobby of his are the bees – which is fantastic because apart from supporting the equilibrium of nature we can also enjoy the creamy honey that the bees produce for us every year. With every spoon of honey, you can intensely taste the diversity of Ridnaun’s native plants. In summer, we – as well as our guests – enjoy the fresh salads, vegetables and different herbs from our garden. From the fruits Evelyn makes well-tasting jams and juices. Evelyn is there when guests have questions… or simply to sit together and talk about anything and everything. Lena Sophie and Franziska are always happy if they have kids to play with on the farm. Together they make jumping contests in the trampoline, caress the cats and explore the farm and its surroundings.

Hubert, Evelyn, Lena Sophie und Franziska

Die Familie Haller


Feeling the peace, getting new energy, enjoying the mountains – that is what you can do in our small idyllic village Mareit! Our farmhouse, the Huberhof, lies at the village border of Mareit, in the beautiful Ridnaun valley. From our balcony, you have direct view to the impressive Stubai Alps. The little town Sterzing as well as the skiing and hiking paradise Ratschings are only a few kilometers away from us.


in South Tyrol

Holiday on a farm in South Tyrol – that means closeness to nature, the animals and the people. We are happy to show our guests our life on the farm, our animals and the South Tyrolian traditions. We do our best to make your farm holiday in South Tyrol unforgettable!

To all our guests – small and big –we offer the possibility to dive into the fascinating life on a farm in South Tyrol. On our farm, you will find many animals who live with us. Our dog Spiky is everybody’s favourite and conquers all hearts with his good nature. Our cats love to be cuddled. If you do a good job, they will reward you with their purring.

Our horses – four at the moment – live outside in an open stable. All small guests who want to get to know these animals a little better can comb the horse together with Evelyn. The courageous ones can also sit on one and go for a little stroll around the house – surrounded by the fantastic panorama of the Ridnaun valley.

Our little rabbits are really cute. Again and again it is spectacular to watch them go crazy for a piece of bread or a carrot: their happiness is contagious!

In spring and in autumn you can also enjoy watching our sheep out grazing on the green meadows. The clang of their bells is meditative and has a calming effect. During summer, our sheep are in an alpine pasture in Ratschings.

Our ducks belong to the so-called category of runner ducks. With their funny way of moving they totally catch your attention. One of the highlights is when mummy-duck has little babies! It is so cute to watch these little fluffy things follow their mom on every step – no matter what is in their way!

Our hens and quails spoil us with fresh eggs – you just know that these eggs are 100% biological, that the hens are happy and that they can live a natural life.

Next to the animals, our everyday life is the work in the fields and the harvesting of the fruits and vegetables. On your farm holiday in South Tyrol, you get the chance to help bringing in the hay.

It is definitely a worthy experience trying to make hay in the steep meadows of the South Tyrolian Alps.

Holiday on a South Tyrolean farm

Perfect for young and old

For the kids the most important part when having a farm holiday in South Tyrol usually is the direct contact with the animals and the possibility to frolic around freely. All of this kids can do on our farm in Mareit. On our farm, there live with us our dog “Spiky”, horses, cats, rabbits, sheep, hens and ducks. Our playground with a big trampoline, a large sandbox, a football goal and much more gives boredom no chance! Kids love to spend their time there.

For the adults, the big sunny balcony offers a splendid view on Mareit and the surrounding mountains. It is an ideal oasis of calm, where you can relax. When you get hungry, you can barbecue in the garden.

As we have two children ourselves and as Evelyn works with children in her job, it was important for us from the beginning, to design the farm as children-friendly as possible.

Because of its perfect position – with no streets and no direct neighbors – the kids can move freely around the house without having to worry about traffic or other dangers. This is great not just for the kids, but also for the parents!

Our playground – with trampoline, football goal, swing, slide and a big sandbox – is an attraction for the kids.

Our animals – dog Spiky, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, hens and ducks – can be observed and caressed. The courageous ones can also try how it is to sit on a horse and go for a stroll.

Obviously, on our farm we also have agricultural machines, like a mowing machine and a tractor, but Hubert’s favourite – as well as the kids’favourite – is our escavator! Our small guests – but not just them – can try it once! It is a fantastic feeling to move the escavator shovel up and down and to pick something up with it!

Position and surroundings – Holiday in the Ridnaun Valley

Enjoying the South Tyrolian mountains – all year round!

In spring, summer and autumn a hiking paradise expects you in the Ridnaun valley. Some hiking paths start directly from our house. Our area offers everything for the mountain passionate: simple walks to cosy huts as well as via ferratas for the professional alpinist.
If you pass your holiday at our home in winter, you can enjoy the highly modernized skiing area Ratschings. If you are a fan of cross-country skiing, you will get your money’s worth in Ridnaun, with its long cross-country ski runs all throughout the valley.

Mareit is a little idyllic South Tyrolian village – at 1000 meters above sea level. The Huberhof is situated at the edge of the village, reachable on a little access road. Mareit lies in the middle of the Rinaun valley – one of the side valleys of Sterzing. In the village, there is a little shop, a church, a bar/pizzeria and a bus stop from where you can easily get to Ridnaun, Ratschings and Sterzing.

Sterzing is the northest town of Italy and is 8 km away from Mareit (10 minutes by car). In Sterzing, you will find everything you need: from the pharmacist to the train station! Moreover, in Sterzing there is a highway-entry, which allows you to quickly reach other towns of South Tyrol and of Northern Italy as well as Austria.

Next to the Ridnaun valley, there are other very beautiful valleys in close vicinity. The Ratschings valley with its skiing area Ratschings/Jaufen is only ten minutes away and can be reached with your car or the free bus. In summer, the gondola cableway is open and brings you up to a breathtaking hiking area.

In the Pfitsch valley, one has the sensation that time has stopped 50 years ago. The valley is very quaint, the mountains are distinctive and the nature is mostly untouched. Even if the climate can be rougher than in other places, the valley is worth a visit – for hiking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

Im Pfitschtal hat man das Gefühl, dass die Zeit vor 50 Jahren stehengeblieben ist. Das Tal ist sehr urig, die Berge markant und die Natur weiterestgehend unberührt. Auch wenn das Klima dort oft etwas rauer ist, so ist der Anblick es dennoch allemal wert, dieses Tal zu besuchen – im Sommer zum Wandern, im Winter zum Langlaufen.

The Pflersch valley with its ropeway Ladurns is a much-loved destination for big and small. In summer, you can walk along the „Dolomieu-path“– named after the French aristocrat and geologist Deodat de Dolomieu. Everybody who likes action can descend the path with a mountain cart that can be rented at the place. In winter, the small skiing area invites you to ski surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery.